• April 30, 2022 5:20 pm
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Hi, my name is Jasmine and I’m the owner of Team Inferno; an esports organization with a focus on Apex Legends competitive and content creation. We are looking for sponsors to help better support our players, staff, and creators. We have been consistently seeing successes and hitting milestones since June 2021 and we’re excited about taking things to the next level!

Who We Are:
We are providing a diverse, genuine, and welcoming group of staff, players, and community members to bring a unique force into the esports industry. We are actively creating a space for marginalized creators. Through our passion, tenacity, inclusivity, and authenticity, we have been able to start an organization from scratch and continue to maintain all aspects of it.

Recent Success:
We just partnered with Intel to host our first major event! Team Inferno’s Easter Invitational Apex Legends tournament with $3,500 in prizes. We directly engaged our community and highlighted our content creators. The success of this event was monumental for us! We got numerous comments about how well-organized our tournament was and how excited the community is for more.
After this, we were able to connect with Electronic Arts/Respawn to get access to hosting private Apex Legends tournaments. We’re now planning to host another tournament for Pride month with this new privilege!

We participated in Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), a five million dollar tournament series! We also have been making a name for ourselves in the competitive scene by qualifying into major events such as the $10,000 Lenovo Legion Masters tournament. We faced numerous professional teams and proved we have what it takes to compete at the highest level. We also frequently practice in scrimmages against other similarly skilled players and we are currently #2 overall out of 120 North American teams.

Content Creation:
We have content creators that amass millions of impressions and views across popular platforms like Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok. We are planning to start a podcast hosted by one of our content creators as well.

For more information, please refer to our website: https://teaminferno.gg. I’d love to schedule a meeting with you to present more detailed information on our organization!


  • Category : Brand Partner
  • What's on offer? : What we have to offer is in our description. In terms of numbers and a more detailed breakdown of what a sponsorship could look like with us, refer to our pitch deck on our LinkedIn. Numbers can be discussed via a virtual meeting.
  • Location : United States
  • Website


  • Profitable merchandise with amazing design and branding.
  • Access into the Apex Legends scene. This esport has been skyrocketing in popularity from competitive play to content creation/viewership. The prize pool for Apex Legends Global Series has doubled since last year. There is a $5,000,000 prize pool this year. Apex Legends is also one of the top watched games on Twitch and top 10 most popular Steam games.
  • We are one of the most diverse, experienced, and consistent organizations in the Apex Legends competitive scene. With our community focus and player support, our organization showcases what it means to be the change we want to see in esports.
  • Amassed over 226,000 followers across our organizations on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and Discord. Social media analytics can be seen in our pitch deck.
  • Nominated for most inclusive organization in the*gameHERs 2021 Awards.
  • We host community events that bolster our streams and community. We have used these to move sponsored product.
  • 5 staff members fulfilling departments such as: social media/marketing, coaching, advising, community management, etc.
  • 3 competitive Apex Legends players who have shown dedication to this game and their team.
  • 4 content creators who are passionate about growing their brand and career as an influencer.
  • Growing and active community discord with nearly 1,900 members.
  • INF Tournament discord to allow for future and repeated tournament events.
  • Activations in partnership with Intel and sponsored by Glytch Energy. Details in our pitch deck.